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Pollen Counts

Pollens and molds represent the clinically most important outdoor allergens. For the approximately 35 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies, rising counts in the spring can trigger symptoms that may ruin a time of year that other people enjoy immensely. 

The Aeroallergen Monitoring Network, organized by the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology, has compiled pollen counts for more than 30 years. The network has reported pollen and mold spore counts since 1992 through the National Allergy Bureau.

The information is reported as total tree pollen, grass pollen, weed pollen and mold spore counts.  Since allergic symptoms correlate with exposure, the information is invaluable in correlating allergic symptoms with the causative agent.

Further, trends in pollen counts, which may be predicted from prior years, may assist individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma and other allergic diseases associated with outdoor allergens to predict seasonal symptoms. 
Various pollen counters are available online and may be downloaded onto your personal computer. 

These are free and will give you the daily pollen count by zipcode*:

* For this gadget to work, please download Google Desktop 5.

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